Trial summary (13.11.2023): Our solidarity is bigger than your court room!

Posted on 14. November 2023 by riederwaldbleibt

After eviction of the Fecher the first court trial was about to happen yesterday.
But… that didn’t quite work out as planned – there were just too many of us. =)

The registered assembly near the court was moved to the rain by the cops after we’ve constructed it, of course just to keep the emergency exit free.
People came in costumes, there were speeches and some made music.
The citizen initiative presented the recently released book about the resistance against the expansion of the highways A66/A661.
Despite the rain, the vibe was great.
According to the press, there were around 50 people at the assembly next to the court.

Just before the trial start at 11:30 people chanted “you’re not alone” to the accused person.
After the “security check” there was some surprise waiting: The court room is full! And the floor in front of it too! Full of people who wanted to attend.
The accused person requested a bigger court room. And technically, their request got approved – but there was no bigger room available, so…

the judge (Ramspeck) said that the trial can not happen when the public is excluded and put out another date for the trial.
It shall happen on Jan. 22 2024 at 9:00am (CET)

After that there was even more music, yummy KüFa-Food by “Food hat’s Left” and a small rave in the justice district of Frankfurt.
Overall, it was an (amazing!) empowering day, that further strengthens community and resistance.

Something worth to mention was, that the person defended themself infront of the court.
That shows us that, with a little courage, time-capacities and self-organized exchange we can also empower ourselves in court – with success, as yesterday showed.
It also reads as a sign against the academisation of court processes and barrier-rich official language, that also focuses on dependency-oriented social dynamics in the structure of “lawyer/client”.

At 30th january 2024 there will be a trial against another #FecherBleibt activist. Besides that, there’re currently no other dates known to us (as we write this)

See y’alls next time! Spread the word and support your local forest occupation <3~

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