We live in war

This text was written by an individual from the occupation. It therefore only reflects the subjective opinions and views of an individual and not those of a group or movement.

I wrote this post a time ago. Didn´t post it then. But today, after hearing that just in Colombia, only in the short time run of this new year, 20 peasant leaders have been killed already, I remember this text, and I share it now with you. Nothing has changed. Just today I feel it more. Hugs to everybody around Dannenroder forst! Keep radical!

We live in war.

We live in war. It is a hard statement but I hold it firmly.
I know it, but I don’t often feel it enough.

The feeling came again in an evening conversation with a kurdish friend, hearing him sharing about his life experience, and that of his relatives. My own family history came to my mind, about how my grandmother suffered from fascism till the point of losing her mother language.
But the thing is, we don’t know our present, and even less we know our past. Or at least, we don’t feel them enough. Having no memory is one of the worst things that can happen so us.

Still, the motion of our world never stops. Things are happening right now. In front of our eyes if we decide to see. We may know or hear about them. But we dont feel them enough.

The system and those profiting from it want us to think about globalization, about trade conection worldwide, about the happy face of its „advantages“. The sad and slayer face remains apart from the spotlight. We live in the priviledged global north, the one that profits over the exploitation and domination of the rest. Imperialism is not over, it just changed its face for that of business, trade and corporations. As you sure know, wars on Middle East continue for oil trade control; the genocide of Kurdish people who try to live differently set another gear and deepens the embarrashment and anger we should feel. From America Latina every month we hear about several cases of assesination of simple peasants, community indigenous people getting killed for protesting against the robbery of their lands and the destruction of their lifestyles. From Asia, we know about how corporations exploite even child labour under dreadful conditions; we know about Apple managed factories in China surrounded by security nets so the workers, who live inside the factory, dont suicide themselves in the course of their… contract?. What to say about Africa. We dont even think about Africa, right? Too many things happening there and for sure it is all africans fault. (Irony mode on, just in case somebody missed it). Wherever we look, if we want to see, there is war, a war we are part of. Maybe we dont feel it enough, but the war is in the oil which fill our tanks, it is in the avocados and pinnapples which fill our supermarkets, it is behind the Made in Bangladesh label, … It permeates our reality, and still, we dont feel it enough.

Besides, I also like to remember myself, that peace is not only the absence of war. Also here, in our streets and homes, violence is present everyday, confused with normality though. In Spain, since 2008, there is an average of 8 suicides per day, most of them associated to people evicted from their houses so banks can speculate with real state. That is violence. Minimum wage is violence. The need of a private heath insurance to take care of each other is violence. The education system, design to create productive workers instead of ethical thinking human beings is violence. The system is rooted in violence. It is a system of competition. It is a system of war.

And again, from the crisis of capital accumulation, fascism is raised once more. In Europe, and worldwide. Because fascism and imperialism are not but other faces of capitalism.

Fuck nazis.
Fuck fuck nazis.

But fuck more those who feed them; those who fund them; those who feed their ignorance, our ignorance; those who destroy nature and people’s lives for the sake of their private profit and power; Fuck those who want to build a highway and want to keep playing in the worldwide casino of their economy. A casino of war.

We live in war.

I dont know what you do with your time. I am here in Dannenroder Forst fighting principally against this slayer normality we find ourselves in. And I feel I am not doing enough. Cause although I know that we live in war, I dont often feel it enough.

Still, I dont know what I will do tomorrow. But I am thinking about it…

See you out there.

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