Online skillsharing weekend 8th-10th May

Hello lovely people, we are organising an online skillsharing weekend instead of our skillsharing week.

Here is the program:

Hier ist das Program:


Friday 8.5.

20:00- 21:00 Subversive use of criminal, police and assembly laws –
unusual tips for creative actions


Saturday 9.5.

21:00-22:00 Power destroys the environment – about the connection between domination
and environmental degradation

14:00-15:30 A critique of renewable energies

How is an industrial wind turbine produced? With which raw materials? On whose field is it built? Is it really all so green?


Sunday 10.5.

20:00-21:00 Actions for a future without cars


The list will be completed, come and have a look later!

The workshops will be hold over Mumble. You will get the links to it after you sent us an inscription email to this address: skillshare-danni [at] systemli [dot] org (PGP key). Please tell us which workshops you are interested in and what languages you understand (english/german).

If you want to offer a workshop, let us know at this address too!


Hier are is a good website with ressources for activists:

Once the corona situation will have calmed down, we will organise a real skillshare in the Danni forest!

More info on Mumble:
We offer online skillshare via encrypted voice communication
and use the open source and free program Mumble
( and create a password protected room on a server.
We give the password to people who register in advance by e-mail. Mumble runs on all
operating environments (Linux, mac, Windows, android, iOS) and
could also be installed under Tails. The server in use also offers a Tor Hidden Onion Service v3
for end-to-end encrypted communication.

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