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🔴🌳 Dear supporters* of the Dannenröder Forest, 🌳🔴

Day X has not yet arrived, but it could happen at any time. Therefore, be prepared and remember: When the eviction starts, an alarm e-mail will be sent via this newsletter, but you will receive all further information via the SMS distribution list, Twitter (@keinea49) or the telegram distribution list (see below).


What’s new from the occupation?

Legal information
The general decree of the Vogelsberg district came into force at the weekend.
This means that since Saturday the squatters* should officially leave the area. Since this does not happen, among other things “private property” on the route area is no longer safe and there is a legal basis for the eviction.
The proclaimed traffic light stage 🔴, continues to stop accordingly. Further attempts to evict are expected at any time from now on. We will keep you up to date!

Ende Gelände joins Danni #Autocorrection
Last Saturday an EC finger started into the forest to bring materials into the occupation and to build new barricades.
You can find pictures here: https://twitter.com/EG_Danni/status/1309886154574098437

Sunday walk
Countless people took part in the Sunday walk the day before yesterday, marveled at buildings and danced at the stages.
What are the groups of supporters of the Dannenröder Wald planning?

The Sunday walk is and remains a good way to see the forest with your own eyes! This Sunday the forest walk will become a demo and should be bigger than all previous ones! At 12 o’clock it starts. We recommend an early arrival. You can find out what is planned here: https://www.danni-bleibt.de/

Fridays for Future joins Danni
Starting from 3.10. Fridays for Future moves into the protest camps and the people spend their autumn vacations near the Dannenröder forest: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFo55GqChWM/?igshid=18l2ynh46q7pe

Bicycle Demo
Parallel to the autocorrection action in the forest, about 300 motivated people cycled over the existing section of the A 49 from Kassel to the Danni. They set a strong signal against further construction and blocked the roadway for several hours. Next Saturday the same action will take place again. Come by!

What can I do to help the forest?

Winter is coming! In the forest we are looking for sleeping bags, old warm clothes, tarpaulins, blankets, pillows, hot water bottles, thermos flasks and other things that keep people warm and dry. Otherwise, people are looking for headlamps, laser printer/toner with USB, extension cables, building materials and tools, among other things. You can find an extensive wish list here: https://waldstattasphalt.blackblogs.org/materialwunsche/
In the camp, power strips, large tents and tools are still needed. The paramedics* inside need crutches, not expired compresses, Octenisept and Aircast splints. The GeSa Support is happy about drums with which they can make music loudly in front of the prisoner collection points. The Küfa is happy about every vegan food donation!

In the forest, structures are sprouting from the ground and for this, people are still needed who are willing to occupy them. Previous experience is cool, but not necessary!
The barrio “Im Norden OK” is only 15 feet away from the train station Stadtallendorf and is especially happy about new people who want to spend hours/days/weeks there and in the best case they want to help with setting up the camp there.

Outside of the forest the dear people of the Küfa (kitchen for all) urgently wish for helping hands when snipping, cooking and washing up, because without munch no fight! Furthermore the Gesa support, the camp-orga, the paramedics* and also the awareness team are happy about motivated people. These are all tasks where you don’t have to expect confrontations with police and Secus. Get in touch with the info point!

Dates – short and sweet

Since September 12th: Camp at Dannenröder Wald with a varied program, sleeping facilities are available
Sunday walk every Sunday at 14 o’clock
1 October Start of the clearing season
3.10. Bicycle demo on the A49 from Kassel to the Danni
3.10. Fridays for Future spends the autumn vacations at Danni
4.10. Demo in/at the Dannenröder forest, 12 noon, Dannenrod sports field
11.10: Big forest walk with Carola Rackete
Every sunday forest walk

Dates are constantly updated.

You are planning an action for the Danni? Write us and we will include it in the next newsletter!

Here you can find tips for your journey and further information: dannenroederwald.org
Here you can register for the SMS eviction mailing list: keinea49.netzguerilla.net/smskeinea49
Here you can find the Twitter account of the cast: https://twitter.com/keinea49

Telegram info channel to the Dannenröder forest: https://t.me/DanniSoli
English Telegram Info Channel to the Dannenröder Forest: https://t.me/DanniInfochannel
Email occupation: waldstattasphalt@riseup.net
Email Alliance: waldstattasphaltbuendnis@riseup.net

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