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Dealing with Corona

In a time of unexpected challenges, of course we’re still a diverse group with different opinions and priorities. Therefore it’s obviously impossible for each paragraph of this text to speak for every person in the occupation. We continue to work … Continue reading

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Skillsharing camp Dannenröder Forest

We are aware of the risk of spreading the Covid-19 pandemic at large assemblies of people. We can’t look into the future, that’s why the skillshare will take place until further notice.. When the date gets closer, we will keep … Continue reading

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Green hearts and bourgeois politics; or, the question of whether Tarek Al-Wazir needs a heart transplantation

On the 12th of October an article was published in the newspaper Taz about the Dannenröder Wald. Apart from informing the reader about the fact that treehouses have been constructed in the forest, the article mentions an invitation by the … Continue reading

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Is A-49 good for the economy? What is the economy by the way?

One of the biggest arguments, if not the only one, for sustaining the idea of the construction of a new highway in Hessen is that it is good for the „economy“, that it will bring working places to the region,… … Continue reading

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An insight glimpse

I like being here. I would like that being here wouldn’t be necessary. But sadly it is. Here, or anywhere else, we can all change for better, we can act for better. But here I am, and I am enjoying … Continue reading

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