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Dear supporters of the Dannenröder forest,

Here comes the “forest instead of asphalt” Newsletter for the period until 8.
November with reports on the situation in the Danni and on numerous
Activities! What’s new from the occupation?

On last Monday 26.October at 5.30 am in the morning the
final clearance and clearing of the barrios underground and high
Society in the Herrenwald. Occupied ground structures were destroyed by the police
cleared. In the trees, however, about 50 activists spent nine hours
long even then the position, as around it already cleared
was. Both clearance and clearing are increasingly carried out in parallel and
under time pressure. As long as parliamentarians: inside and press
were present, everything was still going on at reasonable conditions.
Unobserved was increasingly cleared by force: pain grips, head
twist, pull the hair, cut the crossbars, where there are still
was climbed. After completion of the clearing work the
Aktivisti in the late afternoon of his own accord and unhurt the
occupied trees. In Herrenwald the route is now complete
cleared. Despite the current clearing of the Herrenwald, the
resistance, however, was quite successful. Thus, the people from the DEGES
announced clearing of 4 hectares per day to 1, 2 hectares
be slowed down.

After the Hessian state parliament decided against a
of the police union, Corona, the demolition of the
the police operation, the police have decided to increase the pressure on the
increasingly on all levels. Columns of personnel carriers
drove through the villages to intimidate with their presence. At night
in some barrios the sleep of the activists with spotlights was
disturbed. On Saturday, a helicopter took off with
thermal imaging cameras took pictures of the barrios in the Danni to
to estimate the number of people there.

But also the (registered and legal) solidarity actions
outside the forest are increasingly criminalized and disturbed. The
participants of the two big bicycle demos on Saturday and
Visitors: during the weekend events on the sports field in
Dannenrod found himself unexpectedly in a so-called dragnet search
again. Personal data were recorded. Information was requested, with
what destination and purpose people are travelling to. Vehicles were
searches weapons carried. Parts of Hesse became a danger zone
explained. If one considers that veil searches in the Hessian law
on Public Safety and Order (HSOG) to the
“preventive fight against cross-border crime”.
is earmarked for a specific purpose, the question of appropriateness arises.

Photo: Bicycle demo from Gießen with 350 people

Because of the abseiling action on Monday, October 26, seven activists were killed in
the Frankfurt JVA was taken into custody on remand. In the meantime three
again on free foot. In support of the detainees
organized a letter action. The drummers:inside group of the camp and
“Lebenslaute” played on Sunday in front of the JVA 3 in Frankfurt. Here
another link for current information and to support
Prisoners: https://freethemall.blackblogs.org/menschen-in-u-haft/

One more word about the abseiling actions: Of course they are for all
Commuters:inside the Rhein-Main area annoying, and it circulates in
in some parts of the reports abstruse exaggerations and
legally completely unfounded assessments. A rear-end collision in 8 Km
distance at the end of a traffic jam has no causal
Connection with the abseiling action. Fact is: activists have also
the safety of the road users in their abseiling actions: inside the
View. In Germany there is a regulation for everything. So also for
the abseiling of bridges. Until 2,5m it is not an “acute
traffic hazard”; after all, repair crews also rope themselves from
freeway bridges. This brand was not used by the activists
exceeded. To close the highways nevertheless, was a decision
of the police, which could have turned out differently.

As you can see from these few examples, things are becoming increasingly restless in
and about the Danni. The political signs are for eviction. The struggle
around the Danni becomes thereby ever more a general symbol of the
Resistance against a failed climate policy using the example of
A traffic turnaround that somehow never seems to happen… Logical
the focus of Danni’s assets is broadened to include broader receivables,
on Sunday at the rally followed by a walk in the forest
were clearly formulated.

Barbara Schlemmer of Aktionsbündnis keine A49! pointed out in her speech
the far-reaching importance of the (now) two expert opinions
towards the water right. The effects of the clearing of 80,000 trees and
the overbuilding of the water protection area to the groundwater quality
and the groundwater quantity were taken into account in the planning report for the
not examined. Technical defects, such as the lack of
double-walled pipelines and the correct drainage of rainwater
in retention basins are added. In many areas data was even
not or only incompletely collected. Overall, the basis of the
plan approval is so inadequate in terms of water law that the approval
must be taken back! In politics nobody can be
sufficient approval procedures. Who does it nevertheless,
pursues interests that are not related to water and climate protection

Jessica Stolzenberger, one of the founders:inside the climate list
Germany, became even clearer in her speech: “Our
Politics lives on a planet without climate catastrophe! They are not
nameless people who lay hands on grandma and grandpa (two over 300 years
old proud oaks at Danni; Grandma has already been cut down). They are
Politicians:in whose flags climate protection is written. We, the young
generation, the heat waves, droughts, storms and all other consequences
of climate change will still be experienced, demand future-oriented
and will ensure that this is done in the parliaments themselves in the future”.
You can find information about the foundations of the climatologists under

In the Küfa (kitchen for everyone) the situation has now changed
stabilized, albeit at a lower level than before. The
Barrios in the forest are therefore increasingly cooking for themselves again. On Sunday there was
additional support by the action kitchen Freiburg, the vegan
kebab brought along. The donation of a large food processor has
Cooking in the kitchen very simplified.

Also food donations continue to come in large numbers. So
Alfred and Hannelore from the Demeterhof near Kirdorf delivered
Sunday a whole van with carrots, red cabbage, savoy cabbage and
Onions. “For 30 years we have been
Resistance to the A49,” the two said.

The resistance movement against the construction of the A49 has been recording since September
due to the threat of eviction, an ever increasing access of
Donate money. These are mainly private payments. We are really
is overwhelmed by the strength of the support.

The Frankfurt antagon Theater supported the actions in the last
Thanks, antagon!

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Weekend activities

Sat, November 07
* 14:00 – Workshop DIY Makramee Keychain in Workshop Tent 1
(Duration approx. 1 h; number of persons approx. 10 people – best before at
register us via mail – in case of great interest direct repetition of the
Workshops with another 10 people possible afterwards 🙂

Sun, November 08
* 13:00 – Live music from Zagreb Titan
The first appearance of the Skapunkpolkapopper started directly in the supporting program
of the Ska-Godfather Laurel Aitken- Since then Zagreb brought it Titan
their extremely danceable mixture somewhere between Caribbean, Balkan and
Middle Hesse on countless gigs and tours through Europe and a
Handful of sound carriers.
* 14:00 – Walk in the forest

Other ways to become active

Submit complaints

Write to your local politicians: at home, at national and international
members of the Bundestag a complaint, to the gigantic
Police deployment of several thousand police officers from all over Germany in
the aggravating coronal situation. For the evacuations are distances
is not sustainable and endangers all parties involved. You can also
to express your protest against the construction of the A49.

There are always some small and big tasks that people have to do
can take over here. Come around and report to the info point! More
Information about program and camp can be found here:

Küfa – Kitchen for all needs regular support
The kitchen supplies the camp, the barrios and the visitors: inside
delicious vegan food! Here always humans are looked for, who are interested in
in the early afternoon while cooking cut vegetables and above all
Washing the dishes helps.

What can I do to help the forest?
Resistance goes on and needs you! So come along and learn
To build and climb tree houses.

In the forest you can continue to help, the resistance structures and
barricades to be compacted. People are happy about many helping
hands and are happy to pass on their knowledge.

Last query on the action group for parents and others
Up to now, too few people have come forward to
capable of action would be possible. Nevertheless once again the
query, which parents and other persons are interested in
merge actions. Please register for networking
under Dannieltern@gmx.de or on Sunday 08 November personally in
Creative tent next to the red circus tent on the sports field near Janne.

Important links

Here you can find tips for your journey and further information:
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