An insight glimpse

I like being here. I would like that being here wouldn’t be necessary. But sadly it is. Here, or anywhere else, we can all change for better, we can act for better. But here I am, and I am enjoying it. So i want to share a little of it with you, some little details that make it even better. Like…

The walks throught the forest with nice conversations, picking up mushrooms or just listening to the forest, alone or in company.

Nights by the fire with the guitar. Loud singing, or silent listening.

Skillsharing, openly given, openly received. Climbing, knoting, cooking or even about how to open a nut with the hands.

Climbing up to the top of the higher tree around and looking at the forest from above, the surroundings, the sky,…

Playing with the mud around, get warm and dry by the fire.

Outloud reading for the cozy caddling party that listens attentively.

Receiving the gratitud of people who maybe I don’t even understand; but I feel. Thank you!

Appreciating the knowledge and memories from a 40 year old struggle from the mouth of its main characters.

Being surrounded by amazing people who put their living for the common good, for a better world.

Laying on the ground, looking up in the tree where some friends prepare some construction, smelling the aroma of a healthy living soil, composting, processing the cycle of life. And mushrooms’ aroma…mmm

Waking up on a cold morning and staying inside the warm sleeping bag reading, inmersing myself in a fiction world.

Being amazed once and again of all the eatable food that is thrown away everyday into the dumpster. Rescuing it and enjoying it, with or without curry.

Listening to the silence while walking at night, finding two bright eyes looking at the frontlight. Minimal move, they disappear.

More laying on the ground, resting. Wind comes and make leaves fall. A beautiful slow rain of browns fills it all. Smile.

Sharing the work well done, and the one not so well done. Sharing the action, the failures, the celebration.

Sharing the worrying and the care.

Sharing the anger, the pain and the sadness. Sharing the understanding of the world, the empowerment, the joy, the pleasure.

Sharing LIFE



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  1. Anonymous says:

    is it a caddling party? or a cuddling party?

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