An imagined utopian forestoccupation

Ideas and Invitations how it could look like
(a draft by an individual person/ hopefully by individual people adding things)

People who occupied this forest here are English speaking and German speaking
This Forestoccupation is framed queerfeministic and anticlassistic, it is meant as a open and autonomous place and also as a more collective project where people really try to organise together and are interested to build a community. Its about respecting each other and liberateing from hierarchies, authorities and money, time pressure and efficency, and it wants to focus on having a nice time, chill together, learn and live together.

But Forest Occupations are in general no safer spaces (they are braver spaces) …

its not the highest prio of people living there to focus on that everybody feels safe, its important to try, but as its a open space there will always be people who will not prioritize this, and apart from this shitty things are simply happening, this here is a try to find a better way to deal with things happening in places like this, by getting more organised and framing the place as queerfeministic and anticalssistic so everybody whos coming here knows, that people here try to be aware and want to take responsibility for their action and will ask other people to take responsibility for their actions too.

This queerfeministic anticlassistic Forestoccupation is meant as a more collective project against state, capitalism, discrimination, ecodestruction, dogmatism and partriarchy.
But there is no possibility to avoid trigger and trauma. Needs will not always get met and our surrounding is not made to make needs always get met. People have to learn to deal with things, it could be the way of talking about it, of leaving the situation or of confronting it with yourself.
Conflicts are dailyday life, and not preventable as different people live together. It is a try to have space to unlearn our socialisation and structural things, and by this at the same time reflect and considered every action of people in their context and individuallity, not forgetting the situation and people behind the actions.

People here are not dogmatic, there is no awareness police, different opinons want to be tolerated and in a way of living together, compromisses have to be found. This works when people are interested to live as part of a collective in genereal. Like seeing conflicts not like beeing in a fight, or competition, but in a conflict of interests that is possible to find solutions for, even if its to accept that there are different opinions on this topic and value different perspectives.
Having a healthy feedbackculture, where it is okay to make mistakes, to take responsibility for them and try to avoid them next time. Staying in contact and communication whith each other…
After a day full of dailyday stuff etc, things will be reflected in the evening and individuals might state critic on other individuals. A try to see critic as a benevolent and collegial statement, to learn and grow and to get rid of our shitty socialised capitalist, sexist, mackerist, racist behaviour, that we all carry with us, whoever we are…

Its an invitation to be more empathic with each other and our blind spots, adding missing knowledge and classism to the analysis. Listening to each other and having understanding when people are angry & dont use antiviolent speech, and giving space for this, but also communicating borders and leaving when there is no space to hold the anger of the other person.
Its an invitation to learn to say stop and raise the voice for the own rights and needs
And its an invitation to feel not overwhelmed and alone/ isolated, but feeling the support of collective people standing behind you, and always have the possibility to ask for support by indiviuals being in the collective.
Its an invitation to find the own queerness and unlearn norms and confront the own speachlessness/emotionlessness
Its an invitation to learn to communicate more and better, to get more aware of the power of questions and speech/words.
And it is an invitation to ground people connections in friendships and loyality than in shortterm body contact/connections to fullfill own needs,
Its a invitation to cuddle collective in a clear communicated way than to do that isolated in a twoperson dependency, or isolated in a treehouse
Everything private is political, lets get out of our conform zone and confront our own behavior.
And everything happening in a forest occupation is a collective topic. Everybody holds this space, so when shit is happening it concerns everybody who is living there, its everybody collective task to take care together of this social room.
It is a invitation to crash hetronormative romantic two persons dynamics, rebellism needs independent handlungsfähige people
It is a invitation to strengths the collective mind and to strenghts gleichzeitig the individul independency
Its a invitation to get rid of identity culture, a big ego and fear, shame and guilt
Its an invitation to get as an individual selforganised and empowered, to get out of powerlessness and ovictimidentity, to learn to state needs and raise the own voice to others without needing institutions and powerstructures
and it is an invitation to listen to own needs and borders, like the need of resting, beeing alone, having lees stimulous, having a break and feeling independent and also the own need of feeling conected and familiar.
Its an invitation to share treehouses and things and to live without concretly private framed treehouses and to live with talking continously about sleeping places needs
Its an invitation of primary taking care of yourself, of the people around you and of our collective ressources. To free us from our own behaviour reproducing exploitation on us and others, by trying to be strategicly effective and efficient and through it altruistic and burning out.

Its an invitation to accept that there are no „forestoccupation decisons“ as there are always different people, people can state together wishes or needs, but there is no explicit orgagroup, who can force there deciciosn on others, on speedyrounds, sharingrounds, sleepinground, gumopartys, emorounds, people dont decide things…they share stuff
Its an invitation to trust people and to let people decide individually
Its an invitation to get to know the concepts of individual actions, if poeple dont like stuff they individually have to solve that, and not directly to delegate their needs to a „institutionalied powerstructure“. If the conflict gets continously bigger its a collective task to try to solve it, by sitting together and talk, but not by putting pressure on each other with repressions…
„Consens“ in decisions concerning everybody! is not the goal, diversity of opinions and indivuality is a big gift and enrichment
Its an invitation to be undogmatic with different perspectives on topics like communism, anarchism and not to shame/blame people because of their political startingpoints …

Its an invitation for a space where there is no throwing out possible by a „legitimated group that can make decisions“, because that does not exist, it would reproduce hierarchys etc
Its a invitation for a place that works autonom and decentralised,
without structures like police and prisons,
Its an invitation for a place where individual people are always able to state people that they wish that they leave, people don’t have to follow that wish as they act also individual

Tolerance of individual actions (as explicit me who is writing this sentence), stops with body violence and rape, activists ignoring basic security culture this means intentional talking with cops and giving infos to them, activists not stopping assaulting people in general, not stopping carrying heavy weapons with you like pistols and guns and people not stopping taking massiv powerpositions and repoducing hierarchic structures
individual people in such situation can organise themselves with others and go to the concrete person and state the wish again, if thats not working people can sit all together and talk and explain the situation to everybody, make transparent what happened and i am pretty sure individuals will find a way to get the person leave without big violence and police…

Its an invitation for all of us, we are as everybody invited and respected but have to consider that we bring baggage from the past and that troubles from the past will sooner or later pop up, and that there will be the need of processing and confronting it and also indiviudal people to explain what happened and process about it, and take responsibility for past conflicts.

And its a invitation for much more, all this what you personaly imagine in your utopia in the living with people…
as always people being there create the details of the room…
there is only the wish to do it carefully with each other (:

let be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together,

And i take responsibility of writing this text, its a text of ideas and invitations, people might intepretate it as stable concept, i would wish to see it as starting point for discussions and an ongoing process of ideas filling the room of this imagined forest occupation.

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