Call for a gathering and skillshare in Gállok, near Jokkmokk in Sápmi (so called sweden)

On we found the following callout.

The struggle against a mining project in Gállok have been going on for many years now. In 2013 there was a protest camp where people were trying to stop the drilling and blowing up of the ground. They never managed to completely stop the mining company, but they managed to delay them and get people organised.

Right now it’s up to the so called swedish government to decide if someone will be allowed to start the mine or not. But we will not wait for their decision. We have already made ours – No mine in Gállok! Not now, not ever.

This struggle is closely connected to the struggle of the Sami people, the indigenous people of Sápmi. For 400 years, the so called swedish, norwegian, finnish and russian states have colonised Sápmi. With the use of cultural genocide they tried to wipe out the Sami people. They never succeded.

So in mid august we meet in the north. The main focus of this gathering will be to connect the different struggles in Sapmi. So we can stand united against the exploitation and contamination of our water, mountains, air and forests. Against mines, windmills, dams, industries, clearcuts, nuclear power plants, pipelines and so on. Let’s come together and share our skills and experiences. How can we support each other? How can we create a good and persistent culture of resistance?

If you want to contribute with a workshop, a talk, a discussion or whatever, contact us so that we can put it in the schedule.

You can read more here or on
Contact us at kolonierna at riseup dot net

No mine in Gállok!


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