Further public critisism for the police violence in Danni

Disclaimer: This article was written by a group of people and does not represent the whole occupation. There is no authorised group and no official body that could decide upon an ‘official’ group statement for the occupation. The people in the occupation and in their immediate environment have diverse and controversial opinions. This diversity of different stances is therefore not censored here, but differing opinions can be equally valid and have an equal right to be seen and heard. No text will speak for the whole occupation or is necessarily approved by everyone participating in the occupation.

Many people still fight in Danni for the forest, for the trees and other living creatures, for a better world, for life, for …

In order to break this strong resistance the state and thus the police were and still are willing to cause massive damage. There were many cases of police violence: physical and psychical injuries. People were (at times severely) injured and traumatized as a result of unprofessional or/and deliberate actions by the police. A press conference on this topic was already held. Texts, pictures and videos were published. Newly, the texts of Parents for Future Danni and of the parlamentary observers were published, dealing, among others, with police violence.

We want and try to further thematize police violence in and around Danni. And so additionaly stress how NOT ok it is, what happened and still happens there. We want to stop the building of A49. And do something against police violence in the future.

We evaluate available materials (videos, memory protocols); contact external groups/journalists; try to support individual court processes about police violence with public presence.

If people have ideas or contacts that could be helpful; or are having a court process about police violence where they wish public support, please write to: gewaltdoku [et] protonmail [dot] com.

If people have information, protocols, videos etc. that are not already provided to the media or medic team you can also contact this email adress. PGP-key is send at request. And if you want to join our work, please write also!

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