A message from the Leonard Peltier Support Group (LPSG)

Disclaimer: This article represents an opinion of one person/some people and not of the whole occupation. There is no authorised group and no official body that could decide upon an ‘official’ group statement for the occupation. The people in the occupation and in their immediate environment have diverse and controversial opinions. This diversity of different stances is therefore not censored here, but differing opinions can be equally valid and have an equal right to be seen and heard. No text will speak for the whole occupation or is necessarily approved by everyone participating in the occupation.

We invite you to follow this link https://youtu.be/4VSslcvEWg8. Here youfind a new videoslide-presentation about the incidents around DannenröderForest. See how peopl try to protect and defend the woods and how with supportby police the destruction of this forest starts. Some of our canadian andamerican friends asked us to share impressions. In the name of the defenders ofthe oods and also the villages in the coal mining areas I want to thank you allfor your solidarity messages. After two weeks of police occupation 11 youngactivists are now imprisoned, just for protesting on a highway. In the lastdays specil police forces let drop in free fall protectors of the trees from 10to 20 feet height on earth, some were life threatening injured. In 70 feet height two protectors of trees were tased by police, old people gotbeaten to the ground….that is the true story – and all under the responsibilityof our so called Green Party. Please feel free and send me just some words ofsolidarity from Indian Countra and other parts of the world I can tell all theprotectors and defenders of Mother Earth, all injured and imprisoned activists.Our solidarity is for them like survival kid and soul food: it empowers.

Thank You. Mike from the German Peltier Support Group

Tokata – LPSG RheinMain e. V./Germany Verein zur Unterstützung indianischer Jugend-, Kultur- und Menschenrechtsprojekte & Leonard Peltier SupportGroup

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