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Dear supporters of the Dannenröder Wald,

here comes the Wald-Statt-Asphalt newsletter for the period until November 1st with reports about the situation in the Danni and about numerous activities! What’s new from the occupation?

During the past week the Herrenwald continued to be cleared. The recently created barrios Recently and everywhere have been cleared. Underground was partially cleared and still exists in short-term tree occupations. The current goal is to hold the position with light platforms and hanging seats at half tree height even with few activists, to delay the clearing work and to tie up capacities of the police and the clearing troops. This has worked quite well so far. In parallel, the barrios in the Danni have been structurally consolidated and solidarity actions have been initiated.

At the political and media level, the resistance of the forest occupation against the A49 and a failed mobility and climate policy has continued to be successfully maintained in social discourse. The legal debate was also revived with a legal opinion commissioned by Greenpeace. In essence, the study points out that the effects of deforestation and overbuilding have not been sufficiently investigated and that water law issues have not been conclusively clarified by the Ministry of the Environment. In addition, the planning approval decision of 2012 is said to be outdated, as the effects of the freeway construction on the global climate were unrealistically depicted, especially in view of the drinking water emergencies in Hesse in 2018 and 2020.

In the meantime, there are so many well-founded arguments in the general debate in favor of stopping the A49, or at least a moratorium to reconsider alternatives, that it seems anachronistic that the state members’ meeting of the Hessian Green Party on October 25th, with 407 of 460 votes, followed the proposal of the party leadership and, although it distanced itself from the construction of the A49, otherwise referred to the federal government. So there is nothing new with Tarek Al-Wazir and his black-green coalition.

On Sunday about 1500 people came together again for a walk in the forest, the rally and the human chain. Connected with red-white fluttering ribbons a red line was drawn against the clearing.

Remarkable was the high discipline with which the gathering was held on the Danneröder Sportplatz under corona distance conditions and mask duty on the whole area.

Saturday was thematically marked by lectures and discussions on feminism. Katharina Hoppe and Viona Hartmann from the Goethe University in Frankfurt spoke under the motto “Patriachart räumen, Wald bewahren” about transnational feminist perspectives and their demands for climate justice. The history of feminism, its basic thematic currents and its strong links to ecology were explained. The women’s peace movement at the end of the 19th century developed into demands for equality and participation, health, labor law and protection against violence. Consequently, a fundamental critique of economic conditions and the demand for post-growth models, a priority of ecology and the deconstruction of outdated ideas and conceptions also emerged.

The action group Red Rebels accompanied the actions on Saturday with an impressive performance. Even the way into the Herrenwald resembled a feat of art. With the police always in the rear-view mirror, they drove in several vehicles on detours into the cleared aisle.

Abseiling action: on Monday, October 26, activists abseiled from three highway bridges in the early morning hours. Traffic jams are occurring on the A3, A5 and A661 freeways. In addition to the media attention, the main reason for this was that the clearing work in the Herrenwald was delayed by many hours because the police escort was missing. At the moment, every day that the clearings do not progress counts.

For all those who are considering to become more actively involved in the forest occupation, the verdict of the VGH Kassel might be interesting. The VGH formulates laconically: “A general prohibition of gatherings is probably illegal. Consequently (so the VHG) “the formation of human chains around harvesters, lifting platforms, clearing equipment and tree houses is permitted”.

Also in the Küfa (kitchen for all) further humans are looked for, who help. After the entire kitchen team was replaced last week as a precautionary measure, since one person in the crew’s environment tested positive for Corona, the supply situation for barrios and camps has now been restored. However, the kitchen crew was partially at the limit. So if you have some time left in the next few days, please call 0178 373 2535 and offer help. A buddy system was introduced, which makes it easier for new people to join the consciously non-hierarchical crew. Whoever plans to be at the camp on the weekend can also take part in the kitchen plenum on Fridays around 9 p.m. and get assigned. People who want to work for more than one day are especially welcome.

The overwhelming willingness to bring food donations to the Küfa is still unbroken. Most recently, for example, half a ton of tofu and half a ton of potatoes were donated, for which places in the barn camp had to be found quickly. Neighbor:inside provided the harvest of fruit trees, cakes and spreads. Especially the lovingly baked cake always creates enthusiasm – especially when it is vegan baked.

Nationwide action days forest instead of asphalt

Background considerations for the action days

The clearing and clearance for the A49 has begun. Up to now, the arguments of the forest occupation have received a predominantly positive response in the reporting. Criticism of the Greens, the state and federal levels is now a matter of course. We will therefore now take the demand not to build the A49 to the next level. We want to ensure that the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan is fundamentally reviewed with regard to its harmfulness to the climate. Freeways must even be completely put to the test. For this, Andreas Scheuer and the CDU must be approached directly! This is what we want to do loudly during the European Conference of Transport Ministers:interiors, which will be held online from 29-30 October. Let’s show what we think of the current transport policy! So get on your bike and cycle for the mobility turnaround! Or take part in one of the local actions on 29 October.

Further links:

https://www.eu2020.de/eu2020-en/events/-/2352872 https://www.consilium.europa.eu/de/meetings/tte/2020/10/29/ https://www.bmvi.de/DE/Themen/Mobilitaet/InfrastrukturplanungInvestitionen/Bundesverkehrswegeplan-2030/bundesverkehrswegeplan-2030.html

Bicycle demos 31 October (ghost ride on the A49)

+++ last bicycle demo(s) for the time being with freeway participation to Danni +++
numerous associations support the mobilization +++ negotiations not yet completely finished +++ demos from Kassel and Gießen are planned, access on the track possible +++ please note further current information, as conditions are still to be feared +++

The Giessen bicycle demonstration has been approved in principle by the Giessen Regional Council. It will start from the station forecourt and take the route via the A 485 and the B3, then via the Marburg city highway and the B62 to the Dannenrod sports field.

Negotiations for the bicycle demonstration from Kassel are not yet completed. The Kassel Regional Council is not willing to cooperate in any way for a demonstration on the A49, as long as it takes longer than 5km on the freeway. But we will go in any case!

Route information:

Start in Kassel at 9.00 am at the main station (total distance from here about 90km)

Start in Gießen at 10.00 am at the main station

Access possibilities:

11.45 am Frohnhausen / Ebsdorfer Grund junction

13.00 hrs Marburg connection point

14.15 hrs Niederwald gravel pit connection point (Kirschhain)

15.30 hrs Arrival Danni (total distance from Gießen approx.60 km)

Still prepared speech contributions, experienced folders:innen and all forms of creative self-initiative are needed. Contact us at: verkehrswende@obscuro.cc.

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The most important activities at a glance

Fri, 29 October

Nationwide WsA Action Days start with local actions

Sat, 31 October

9.00 am Bicycle demo Kasel, start main station
10.00 a.m. Bicycle demo Gießen, start at the main station
Accesses see above

So, 01 November

13:45 Poetry Slam by Ioanna
14:00 o’clock forest walk


Other ways to become active

Submit complaints

Write to your local politicians: inside, to state and Bundestag delegates a complaint, to the gigantic police employment of several thousand policemen from completely Germany in the intensifying Coronalage. During the evacuations, distances are untenable and endanger all those involved. You are also welcome to express your protest against the construction of the A49.


There are always some small and big tasks that people can take over here. Come around and report to the info point! More information about the program and camp can be found here: https://t.me/waldstattasphalt_camp

Küfa – Kitchen for all needs regular support

The kitchen supplies the camp, the barrios and the visitors with delicious vegan food! Here they are always looking for people to help with the cooking, cutting vegetables from early afternoon on and especially with washing the dishes. Hygiene is extremely important.

What can I do to help the forest?
Resistance goes on and needs you! So come by and learn how to build tree houses and climb. #aTreehouseadayKeepsTheChainsawsAway. In the forest you can still help to consolidate the resistance structures and barricades. People are happy about many helping hands and are happy to pass on their knowledge.

New action group for parents and others

Many parents support their children in the resistance in Danni and the adjacent woods. Therefore, here is the query, which parents and other people are interested in joining forces for actions. Please register for networking at Dannieltern@gmx.de or on Sunday November 1st personally in the creative tent next to the red circus tent on the sports field- Ask for Janne.

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