Aktion days 19th-21th of June

Turnaround in traffic now!
No new highways!

Actions according to the preferred action line

When? June 19th-21st.

Decentrally where you live; on roads, bridges & crossings; at the ministries of transport and online.

What for?
For the stop of motorway-extension and a CO2-neutral and social traffic turnaround


In Leipzig, on June 23rd, a hearing about the destruction of large parts of the Dannenröder forest is going to take place in the Federal Administrative Court of Germany. The forest is to be destroyed for a highway that has long before its construction become obsolete.

On the one hand, the German Government is presenting itself as a pioneer on climate protection.
On the other hand, the climate crisis is being further fuelled for the interests of industries.

In the midst of this time of extreme droughts, a healthy, centuries-old forest is to be destroyed for the A49. This will cut through a drinking water protection area that supplies around 500,000 people with water. There seems to be no room for alternative mobility concepts in the blinkers of current politics. In addition to the A-49, the highways A14 and A-143 will also be built. The sanctity of the car seems to be untouchable.

We want to stand united against this destruction. The clearing was delayed due to the forest occupation that startet last autumn and the untiring work of local communities. Now it is necessary to stand up with various actions all over Germany for the preservation of the Dannenröder forest and a traffic turnaround.

Let us show the responsibles in the ministries of Hessen and Germany what we think of their fossil transport policy.

Become active, on the trees, on the roads and on the internet.

Climate justice is manual work!


You’re thinking about doing an action?
Email: naturraeume [at] systemli [dot] org
PGP-Fingerprint: CF93 94FF F43B 5E3D E7CD 38D5 27B9 D00B 43DE 0AFD
Mastodon, Twitter, etc. : #NaturraaeumeStattBetontraeume
More infos (in German) to download for your own press work: Pressepaket Action Days

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