Thoughts of some Aktivisti about the Nikolaus-Action

Disclaimer: This article represents an opinion of one person/some people and not of the whole occupation. There is no authorised group and no official body that could decide upon an ‘official’ group statement for the occupation. The people in the occupation and in their immediate environment have diverse and controversial opinions. This diversity of different stances is therefore not censored here, but differing opinions can be equally valid and have an equal right to be seen and heard. No text will speak for the whole occupation or is necessarily approved by everyone participating in the occupation.

More and more „Nikolaus“- packages arrived at the Protestcamp
Dannenröder Wald in the last days.
We see that this was supposed to be a kind and lovely action, but even
due the fact it was nice to read the letters, we are not completely
happy about it.

With the appeal to send all the gifts, there are many points where we
saw some problems coming up. Different topics, people of the occupation
think about and try to live in a more reflected way than it is usual in
our society.
For example we think about capitalism, the consumption, waste of
ressources or the privileges we have. The packages are full of sweets
like chokolate with cacao from oppressed countries, packed in plastic
and it is mostly expensive stuff.
Don‘t we try to do it better?
Next to this we are dealing with other problems all around the world
like refugees that are often forced to live in horrible circumstances.
For example in the forests of Bosnia, not able to cross borders,
criminalized and with way to less help and support.

Its a big privilege here in Germany that especially the Danni gets a lot
of attention and so people are wiling to donate a lot of money for the
occupation. We would wish that this easiness of giving and sharing would
also reach other projects and people who fight against their oppression.
Often it is much more difficult for those people to get access to
ressources and they get less attention all in all. Besides refugees, we
think as well about the Black Movement or all support of
antipatriarchcial fights, just to give some more examples.

In our internationalist, hierarchy critical forest-occupation there are
living a lot of people who aren‘t from christian belief as well as
being critical about religions at all. Therefore the cause of St.
Nikolaus to send the presents is quite critical for us, especially that
it is highlighting a christian holiday over a non-christian one.

All in all, thanks to the „Danni Eltern“, who started this appeal, but
may it‘s possible for the next time to think about it in a more critical
The whole „keineA49“-movement consists on more than just „kids“ that
simply climb on trees. Instead we are a diverse movement, where people
of every age live autonomously, collectivly and selfdetermined together.
That is also a reason why many of us can‘t identify themself with this

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