+++ Tümpeltown-Zine! +++

We are actually into creating two Zines, and now you people are questioned, that where active in the context of Tümpeltown (and other forests*)!
Planed is a Zine about Tümpeltown and a Zine about “How-to-occupay-forrests”

barriotuempeltown@riseup.net (PGP-Key https://kurzelinks.de/tifq )
more informations here https://kurzelinks.de/s3gc

The Tümpeltown Zine shall be about the history of the occupation, shall show diverse experiences and be about own storys and more.

The How-to-Waldbesetzung-Zine has a different focus. It shall help to fill black wholes, according to climbing questions, Creating an EA Structure etc.

Feel very invited to send your text or to send already existing ones

Tümpeltown lebt! Defendallforests!


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